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Women in Dynamics is supported by Directions 4 Partners, to promote diversity and inclusion within the international Dynamics Community. With Women in Dynamics, we want to create more awareness and to ignite a change within the international Microsoft Dynamics community.

Our Goals

There are many communities that support women to proactively apply for tech roles, build skills and grow within their organizations. Our goal with Women in Dynamics is different: we are here to inspire and encourage more Microsoft Dynamics partner execs to commit to gender diversity and inclusion.  


Create a network of like minded individuals (male, female & non binary) within the global Dynamics community


Identify & understand the challenges in our community so we can help drive a positive change


Promote Dynamics as a totally inclusive community and a wonderful place to work

EVERYONE needs mentoring, regardless of their seniority and experience

Women in Dynamics Mentoring Program

At the moment, the 'match-making' of our mentors and mentees is 'in process'. That's why are are currently not accepting new registrations to become a mentor or mentee. Depending on the success, a new program will be launched again in the future. 

Mentoring can increase the motivation and satisfaction of your employees, colleagues and partners. Be among the first partners in the community to register to the Women in Dynamics mentoring program to transform and uplift another individuals career. This Mentoring program welcomes everyone, regardless of gender, experience, age, seniority, location or background.


Our inspiration

After our launch at Directions EMEA 2021 in Milan, a lot of people stepped up. Some with questions or amazing idea's and others because they wanted to share their personal experience about diversity and inclusion. We love to share all these inspirational stories with you! 

Inge Sanders

Should we scout for future female leaders in universities and use quote for women in high positions? 

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Inga Sartauskaite

Give me an argument for why you think Dynamics is not for you and I will convince you otherwise! 

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Helle Vogt Mikkelsen

If the Dynamics Community was on Tinder, would you swipe right? 

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Linda Johnson

Equality is not "their" to give, it's ours to take. How can we close the gap? 

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Justine Vendrame

5 lessons and tips for making your company a diverse and inclusive workplace

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Joan Nantale

I started my Dynamics BC journey at the age of 19

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Kathleen Parker

The changing landscape of Women in Tech

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Step 1 - Enact the Women in Dynamics Principles within your organization

To be an official Women in Dynamics supporter, organizations need leadership-level backing and commitment to these 4 core principles:

  • BUY IN: Change starts with leadership.  We need a senior point of contact to become a Women in Dynamics member and champion the cause within their business.  All communication will go through this person who will, within their organization...
  • STRATEGIZE : In order to be successful in making an impact you must plan intentionally and strategically. Employers need adoptive strategies for inclusive recruitment, and career growth.
  • DO: Actively engage with the community of other Women in Dynamics member to develop best practice, and discuss and collaborate on current issues.
  • MEASURE: Share your numbers on the areas outlined so we can track our progression and lead by example for the rest of the industry.

Step 2 - Enroll and show that your company supports inclusion and diversity in the Dynamics community

Sign up here to officially enroll. 
Once you sign up, we will list your company logo on our website to show you are a member, and we will share our logo for you to use in your marketing as well. 

Step 3 - Enact the pledge by developing, testing new and proven strategies for a more inclusive Dynamics future

Actively engage and network with fellow Women in Dynamics members to discuss strategies on shared experiences. Empower and encourage other organizations and contacts in both your professional and personal networks to embrace the Women in Dynamics Principles and to sign the Women in Dynamics Partner Pledge.


Sign the pledge

We are passionate about diversity and inclusion within the international Dynamics Community,
which is why we have created this Partner Pledge for businesses to sign to show their support
in helping us achieving our goals.

If you agree with our principles and share our vision and goals, and if you're willing to put your
efforts into the 3-step process, we invite you to sign our Partner Pledge to become an official
Women in Dynamics Member.

Already looking forward to welcoming you!


Thank you

We would like to express a big thank you to all the partners who have signed the Partner Pledge.

Follow us on LinkedIn

Are you already following Women in Dynamics on LinkedIn? If not, you should! Here you find all the updates on our activities, inspirational stories and role models from the international Dynamics community and everything else we are planning. You can find the link to our LinkedIn page below.