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Reflecting on what networking has meant to the Directions organization, is has been one of the most important building blocks of what we are today.

Once you participate in a Directions event, you are automatically a part of our community, and we expect for you to nourish and contribute to it. Within the community, we have Microsoft who continuously enhance the Business Central platform, and provide us with first-hand knowledge about updates and new features, enabling us to plan and execute before anyone else. 

We also have independent software developers who serve the community, as well as the industry, with cutting-edge extensions for the business central platform and creates value for everyone on a daily basis. 

We would not be able to bring together all these sources of knowledge if it was not for the art of networking. Positive word of mouth during the early days of the Directions conferences, active and engaging participants who see the value of networking with colleagues as well as competitors, and hard work from the committee have made Directions4partners what we are today.