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Insight + Jet Global

Your Financial and Operational Reporting Made Easy

Insight Software + Jet Global

insightsoftware’s solutions—now including Jet Global’s reporting, analytics, and budgeting suite —are easy to install, use, analyze, and trust.Empower your customers with self-service access to consistent, reliable, and accurate information in Power BI and Excel so they can make better decisions without relying on IT or knowing the underlying data structures.

With real-time integration to Microsoft Dynamics, our solutions automate and accelerate financial and operational reporting processes, leaving your customers with more time to focus on analysis and effective business decisions. With the industry’s highest customer satisfaction rate, and 20,000+ customers worldwide, insightsoftware is the proven choice for all your reporting needs. Visit and discover why over 750 Microsoft Partners trust insightsoftware and Jet Global to help their customers make business sense of their data.