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Golden EDI

Explore true growth opportunity with Golden EDI!

  • Complements and strengthens your value proposition in an area where the need is increasing and business critical.
  • Gives you as a partner option to build your own delivery capacity and license revenue.

State-of-the-art Two-Tier user-friendly EDI-solution with lot of pre-packed business content

  • Regardless of the EDI-flow, such as order, order response, shipping advice, 3PL, invoice, purchase invoice, price-list Golden EDI handles the need.
  • The integrated function provides an efficient and user-friendly workspace with functions for consistency control, monitoring, status-updates and much more.
  • Without coding and with pre-packed business content the setup of new EDI partners can be streamlined from beginning to end.

Our Freemium – “A must have for all Business Central Users”

  • You can now, free of charge, download our Freemium and enable some really useful functionality to automate your PDF documents. Its free of charge with no time limitations.