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Empower your finance team with add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central with Continia

Continia Software

Start digitalizing your financial processes and handle all your E-invoicing with Continia. Continia’s solutions eliminate 90% of manual tasks while increasing transaction accuracy, enhancing financial controls, and improving cash flow.

Finance teams using Business Central can save 1000s of hours a month, focusing on value-added activities instead of tiresome manual data entry, the aggravating task of tracking down documents and approvals, manually sending out invoices, or manually reconciling accounts.

With 30 years of experience in making Business Central more effective, Continia delivers easy-to-use and price-competitive Built Inside Business Central software solutions based on advanced OCR and intelligent technology that optimizes and digitalizes your financial processes and workflows.

With offices worldwide, more than 1,000 experienced Continia partners deliver, implement, and support our solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem.