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Directions ASIA 2022 cancelled

Reality has hit and we can no longer put off the decision. Directions ASIA cannot happen for '22 and we will have to regroup in '23. You won’t be surprised to hear that its Covid that’s once again defeated our best endeavours to get partners, sponsors, and Microsoft face to face in Asia. We’ve tried, hard to make it happen with serial postponements. But without the ability of attendees to travel and the willingness of most of sponsors to exhibit, its folly to think we can do it on our own. Evidence of our willingness take risks was shown in Milan at EMEA last October but the travel restrictions still in place in Asia just put it beyond possible. That we are disappointed is an understatement. We know how sorry our friends in so many countries in the southern hemisphere, from Australia to Vietnam, will be to hear this news. What we can commit to is to trying even harder next year. The relaxation of Covid regulations in Europe, US and even Australia gives us hope for Spring 23.  We’ll be back, stronger, and better than ever, we will see you then. In the meantime, we’d love to see you at EMEA in Hamburg in November and we will be offering a special 20% discount for attendees from Asia to help. But we understand if you can’t and take care until we can be back in Bangkok in Spring 2023.

Thank you for understanding,
James Crowter
Chairman of Directions 4 Partners 

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