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Call for speakers for Directions EMEA from James Crowter

We’re into the last few weeks for Directions EMEA’s first public request for submissions. We need your ideas for sessions by the end of August to pull together the biggest ever Dynamics SMB event there has ever been. 

Our objective is that it won’t just be a record number of attendees and sponsors that give us that title, but both speakers and the range of subjects. That’s why we need you to step forward and bring your unique knowledge and perspective to a wider audience.

Directions has grown from first Navision, and now Business Central and while that will still be comprehensively covered, the other products in the Dynamics portfolio deserve equal time. That’s why we are especially interested in submissions relating to all things Power, Customer Engagement and Service. PowerApps & Power Automate are top of our list for ‘must cover’ so if you’ve got expertise to share, please step forward.

Running a Dynamics practise is more than just product, so this year we want to double down on the people side of our business, after all it’s more critical to success than even Dynamics. Do you have ideas and experience to share on recruiting, training, managing and retention? How are you keeping your people’s skills at the peak and what’s your strategy for resourcing your growth? HR management is critical to our success, let’s learn from each other.

Then we have the leadership, strategy, sales & marketing tracks. The time is great now but clouds are gathering, especially with war on our continent and energy costs at all-time high; will our approach need to adapt to sustain the success?  We want your perspective and thoughts because diversity of thought helps us all to challenge our conclusions ensuring we more often get it right.

The Dynamics business has changed more in the last five than the previous thirty. Directions is the best opportunity for our community to learn, collaborate and refine but we need the innovators to step forward and share. 

Please consider leading a session and if the prospect of talking for forty-five minutes is scary then invite panel members to assist or mix in audience participation via polls or discussion.  Either way, having presented lots of sessions over the years, I know you’ll gain the most of anyone in the room; just the questions afterwards have inspired me to create some of my best ever business decisions. 

Go on, submit that session proposal now, you know you want to.

Submit your session idea now!



See you in Hamburg,


James Crowter
Chairman Directions 4 Partners 


About the author

James Crowter

James Crowter

Chairman of Directions4Partners, CEO of TecMan & Clever Dynamics and Microsoft MVP

Benefiting from 25 years of experience in implementing, customising and supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and its predecessor Navision and now the rest of the Microsoft Biz Apps stack, I'm passionate about how technology can drive business growth through consistent and efficient processes whilst giving new levels of insight through reporting and AI. Between my day job of leading one of the UK's biggest SME focused Dynamics partners I have the privilege of being Chairmen of Directions, a association of more than 1200 Dynamics partners worldwide and a Microsoft MVP for Business applications.