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Missed the webinar on 'Preparing for the future with Business Central'?

Missed the webinar on 'Preparing for the future with Business Central' with MVP Expert panel James Crowter, Arend-Jan Kaufmann and Eric (waldo) Wauters last week? No worries, the recording and presentations are available on our portal!


As Microsoft progress Business Central, breaking changes are an inevitable and unavoidable consequence. Right now though it's not just one or two but a whole list with end dates stretching through the next couple of years. The list runs from currently optional feature enhancements like email and pricing, to technology challenges of Basic Authentication and SOAP, right to the developer habit-breaking such as using implicit withs.  
This webinar will take you through that list to ensure you're not surprised by anything critical and can plan the optimum time to address the issues, when it not so new its likely to change again but not so late that the deadline becomes scary.  
Breaking changes are an issue for: 
ISV’s – will you have to change your product to make it work with the new functionality from MS?
Customer Services & sales – what is changing for your customers and what work will be required to keep them operating.
Consultants – what do I need to learn that’s new and how should I design solutions today that won’t need to change in a few weeks.
Developers – what code do I need to rewrite and how much time will it take?

Date: Thursday, March 11, 2021 | Duration: 60 minutes



>> Check out the recording on our portal

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