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Breaking news: Directions goes virtual!

We were expecting the Covid-19 situation to get better after summer holidays, but it is getting worse.
Therefore, we have decided to go virtual with Directions in 2020! We will combine both Directions EMEA 2020 and Directions ASIA 2020 into one virtual conference.


NOVEMBER 3 - 5, 2020

This will enable our whole community to get updated on content and stay connected in 2020.
Directions ASIA 2021 will be in Bangkok, Thailand April 15-16 and Directions EMEA 2021 will be in Milan, Italy October 27-29 2021.


What will this virtual conference look like? 

  • The virtual Directions4Partners 2020 will be open and easy to attend for our entire partner community.
  • As you are used to at Directions conferences, this virtual edition will give in-depth content from excellent speakers, the opportunity to connect and interact with Sponsors, Microsoft and other Partners from anywhere. So do not miss out! 
  • It will be a "Second Life" experience, not a series of webinars. So we will have: Interaction, Session rooms, live and recorded sessions, an exhibition area, structured network spaces, Video-calls with sponsors and Chat rooms. Another reason not to miss out! 
  • Keynotes will be streamed live every day. Break-out sessions will be pre-recorded, but followed with interactive speaker Q&A. Content has always been an important asset of Directions, that will not change in this virtual edition, we will still have Microsoft, MVPs, ISVs and our other community experts. For sure, a third reason not to miss out. 
  • And the sponsors? Well, there will be a virtual expo area with multi-level booths. Participants can invite sponsors to chat or direct video call. Sponsor sessions and movies during the conferences. 


We need your support

Directions4Partners is organised for partners by partners. As an independent community of Dynamics partners (Hey, you know what that's like 😉), we are focussing on a community where we are able to:

Learn, connect, share knowledge and grow together

Organising a virtual conference is a huge investment (platform, streaming cost, video recording & editing, external staff and help), on top of all the previous investments we have already done for Bangkok, Milan and Prague. We do apologize for being so direct, but we really need your support to make 2020 a success and for the community to survive. 
  • We need to charge you to attend the virtual conference to cover our cost.
  • We need you to register, enjoy the virtual conference and support the community (and think about the travel and hotel cost you save).
  • If you have already bought tickets for Directions ASIA 2020 and Directions EMEA 2020, we ask you to consider converting that for 2021 tickets or getting a Directions voucher. More details on this to come.
  • If you are a Directions ASIA 2020 or Directions EMEA 2020 Sponsor and have not yet been in contact with us please write to   

Thank you for understanding! And thank you, for your support! 

Practical questions

We can imagine that you have a lot of practical questions. At the moment, we probably cannot answer all of them yet. We are working very hard to get all these practical things, like the pricing of the sponsor options and the ticket prices, the planning of the sessions, …  organised.  

A new conference page for Directions4Partners Virtual 2020 will be launched by the end of August, with a FAQ to answer all of your questions. And further information and details will follow by the end of this month. Registrations for Directions4Partners Virtual 2020, the virtual conference, will open on September 1st. 

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