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Cosmo Consult session - Day 1

Daniel talks about how you take ERP systems and amplify their intelligence with mathematical algorithms in order to optimize the exploitation of business data

Do you have an idea of how to make ERP systems more intelligent? Do you have the feeling that you can do this with mathematical algorithms? Well, let’s take your idea and put it into practice together. Intelligent cloud assistants are expanding the potential of conventional ERP systems. The aim is to exploit business data as well as mathematical algorithms for optimizations in order to save costs and work more efficiently.

In this session, Daniel illustrates the journey from an initial idea to an intelligent cloud assistant part of the COSMO CONSULT intelligent ERP framework. With a special focus on the different actors that appear during the implementation such as ERP professionals, mathematicians, and cloud architects. To explain things vividly our common journey is explained by an intelligent ERP use case in the area of warehouse management.


Daniel Gburek

Product Manager Data & Analytics - Cosmo Consult SSC GmbH

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Patrick Damborg

Patrick Damborg

Patrick is a student employee at Directions EMEA who has previous experience with online marketing, SEM, and SoMe marketing. Today Patrick is studying his Master's Degree in IT-Management and is interested in all-things NAV, CRM, ERP and Cloud solutions.