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AL Object ID Ninja logical ranges overview

Long time no see, eh? 😳 I won’t offer no excuses, but I have been plenty busy with things that you’ll benefit in some way or another, far more than you’d benefit from me writing here. So, let’s jump straight into it. First things first. I just can’t express my gratitude to all of you […]

Deployment strategies and AL-Go for GitHub

When you are done developing your app, it needs to be deployed to your customers if it is a PTE or to AppSource if it is an AppSource app. Currently we don’t have any automated way of publis...()

How Do I: Fix Error: Report x does not have a layout of type None.

In Business Central as from version 20 , which is 2022 Wave 1 , when you develop a report without a layout and try to run it, like this one: the following error appears: Sometimes the error is different: Report x does not have a layout of type...

Branching strategies for your AL-Go for GitHub repo

If you teach yourself to follow a fairly simple set of rules, you will see that the health of your project will increase dramatically, and you will be in a better place with your project development....()

Preview of future AL-Go for GitHub functionality

Like everything else these days, AL-Go for GitHub now also is available in a preview version, which you can install/apply and remove as you like. This allows you to get advantage of a bugfix or new f...()

20 years…

On May 1st, 2002, I walked through the doors of Navision in the Offices in Vedbæk for the first time. A few days earlier rumors had started that Microsoft was going to acquire Navision, but things we...()

Export SQL data to CSV or XML File via Powershell

Export SQL data to CSV or XML File via Powershell Sometimes it may be useful or necessary to use powershell

Offerings are not “offerings”, and library apps are not “library apps”

I did a “little” boo-boo: I totally misunderstood something from the overly documented AppSource world, which has quite an impact for us to go forward. I’d like to apologize beforehand for the rant I’m about to embark – I just wanted to make sure this only happens to us and not you ;-). What happened? …

Structuring your AL-Go for GitHub repositories

When developing apps for Business Central, you very frequently will have more than one app. You might split one customer specific app into multiple smaller apps or you might have a common app, which ...()

Migrating to AL-Go for GitHub

As explained in the first blog post about the next post would be all about how to migrate your repository to AL-Go for GitHub. Whether you have a setup based on the first CI/CD Ha...()