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Business Central working with dates

I want to report some information collected from several parts on the calculation of dates through dateformulaand calcdate, since they

Boolean buttons messed up in Chrome and Edge – what now?

There has been a lot going on about this the past couple of days – especially on Yammer and social media. This post is merely to help spreading the information. TL;DR As a picture says more than a 1000 words – let me steal a picture from Natalie Karolak (follow her, if you don’t already …

Working with AL-Go for GitHub preview

If you want to have the latest updates of AL-Go for GitHub, you can update your repository and use or ()

Search for a string (or a TAG) in .al files with Powershell

Search for a string (or a TAG) in .al files with Powershell Migrating, upgrading, recoding & refactoring the older versions

Business Central data exported in Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Lake? Azure Data Lake includes all the capabilities required to make it easy for developers, data scientists, and

Should Microsoft keep installing apps behind your back?

In a way – I’m not going to tell anything new here. Microsoft has been adding apps to your environment for many years already. It’s just that a recent discussion on Twitter basically led to a general – let’s say – “feeling”, that made me decide to share my view on the matter as well …