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BC 2022 Wave2 ten interesting features

BC 2022 Wave2 ten interesting features I point out ten interesting features of the BC22 Wave2, there are many but

What objects were added?

Yesterday, I got a question that I found was too difficult to answer: “What tables were added in 20.5?” The reason for this question was simple: we need to update the manually created permissionsets in order for new tables to be supported after an upgrade. So – what tables were added? There are a number …

Sales APIs returns error in a read-only request

This twitter message reminded me of an issue that can occur with the sales APIs in Business Central. Apparently, the PowerBI connector is adding the header Data-Access-Intent: ReadOnly to requests when loading data from Business Central. While this is a ...

Business Central – Search in company data (preview)

Interesting functionality (still in preview mode, textual, non-graphic and for now without dependencies between documents), both to be used and