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Barcode in Business Central Cloud!

BC2021W1 with a “Cloud Barcode” system Others have already posted about it, since it has always been a hot topic (since 2018!) I also set an example of use. Today Business Central 2021 Wave 1 natively provides the management of barcodes in reports (functionality announced long ago and released today). Barcode Ready-to Go Code39, Code128, EAN8, EAN13 … About Barcode […]

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Webinar Business Central 2021 Wave1 – Nuove Funzionalità, 15 Aprile 2021

Webinar Business Central 2021 Wave1 – Nuove Funzionalità 15 Aprile 2021 -10-12 AM Evento di Sme.Up – Soluzioni EDP Evento dedicato ai rilasci e alle funzionalità dell’ultima release 2021 dell’ERP Dynamics 365 Business Central. AGENDA WEBINAR LIVE DALLE ORE 10 ALLE ORE 12 del 15 APRILE – Dynamics 365 BC: l’ERP evoluto, integrato, innovativo e in cloud di Microsoft a […]

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April update - Directions ASIA open, Sponsoring packages available & update Talent Program

In this April update: Registrations for Directions ASIA Virtual are open, Sponsoring packages for Directions ASIA available until April 15. 2021 and an update on the Talent Program to help you with the onboarding of new team members,


Business Central Development Life Hacks

I haven’t exactly blogged much lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been active for or in the community. You might have seen my previous blogpost for example, where I explored the wonders of streaming (which is for a near future to pick up, by the way ;-)), I also have contributed a few sessions …

Business Central 2021 Wave 1 released

Business Central 2021 Wave 1 released “Nuntio vobis gaudium magnum”: Business Central 2021 Wave1 was released a few hours ago. You can already try it now: Cloud (Production and Sandboxes) Docker Artifacts DVD distribution Cloud Sandbox Have fun!

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Business Central – Import Item Attributes from .CSV File

Business Central – Import Item Attributes from .CSV File In this short post I point out a utility to import item attributes from a .csv file after modifying them in Excel. The system uses a page and an XMLport to import the .CSV file, it could be convenient to use it given the non-linear structure of the attributes management, or […]

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Webinars in the upcoming period

My last two webinars were a great success, and this is not only judging from my angle. Attendees were very happy with them, and the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive. I’ve got a lot of inquiries about repeating them, and I also got a few ideas for new ones that would allow you to […]

So .. I did a stream ..

Not too long ago, I asked about opinions on whether I should just keep blogging, or if I should also jump on the streaming-wagon like many already did .. and start streaming content about business central. In fact, that poll is still on my website, and today, it says this result: So, a vast majority …

Missed the webinar on 'Preparing for the future with Business Central'?

Missed the webinar on 'Preparing for the future with Business Central' with MVP Expert panel , n and last week?

Extending standard APIs (1)

I’ve got this question so many times: how can we extend the standard APIs with extra fields? So I decided to write a blog post about it. Actually, it’s going to be two blog posts, because one would become too ...