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Delegated Admins for Business Central Online

Delegated Admins for Business Central Online LINKS     DELEGATE ADMINS “HOW-TO” You need to access to your CSP O365 Portal and from there you can set delegated admin for your customer; you can create a delegated admin to your customer tenant (exactly like activating a new user for your customer). Activation Steps There is more than one […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Publisher program

The last couple of months, there has been quite some questions from ISVs (and especially the “old” ISV’s) on how to register their apps in their specific situations. Just to name a few: I only have OnPrem business – and I want to create a new product. How do I get a new object range? …

Git storage – SHA1

If you have ever worked with Microsoft’s Team Foundation version control tools, it wasn’t easy to switch to Git. That’s not because Git was complicated – no, nothing like that at all! It was simply because you had to forget almost everything you thought you knew about version control, and then learn it anew. There […]

MCT – Microsoft Certified Trainer, Finally!

Hi, finally,I have been recognized as a Microsoft Certified Trainer in Business Applications; I had been following this certification for some time, I finally decided to activate it. The Microsoft Official Courses (MOC) will certainly help to improve the delivery of the courses, obviously I will participate in the improvement program of the courses themselves, as already done for Docs […]

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Corso online sviluppatori Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Nuova edizione del corso aggiornato alle ultime novità di BC2021Wave1 Date Corso 19 mag 2021, 09:00 – 21 mag 2021 Dettaglio Corso e Link iscrizione Linkedin

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How to set Workdate to Today in Cronus Demo Environments

How to set Workdate to Today in Cronus Demo Environments In demo environments (Cronus) not licensed Demo Company the workdate is set automatically by reading from the recorded ledger entries. This can be annoying if I want to use these environments for testing \ models or prototypes. Even in a non-activated PRODUCTION environments, it is the same thing. The workdate […]

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Design Considerations for Upgrade Codeunits

Recently, in our product, we enabled support for the new “Item References” in Business Central. Basically meaning: when upgrading to the new version of our product, we wanted to: Make sure our code supported the new “Item Reference” table in stead of the old “Item Cross Reference” table Automatically enable the “Item Reference” feature” (necessary, …

Extending standard APIs (2)

In the previous blog post, I’ve demonstrated how to extend standard APIs by using them as a template for a new custom API that contains the customizations you want to do. While that approach works for most APIs, there are ...

What’s new about interfaces in 2021 Wave 1

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 Release Wave 1 is out (whoa, that was a mouthful) with some new perks for developers. Today, I had another live session at, and I made it both the first one in the series of What’s New for the latest release, as well as the episode four of […]

Webinar 20. April: Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dataverse and Power Platform: better together

As businesses look to modernize their line of business applications, Microsoft Power Platform is often the tool of choice to accelerate and implement digital transformation.