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Business Central Online: why should we choose an entirely cloud-based ERP system in 2022? PART I

I had already written an article in 2018 and one in 2019 on Business Central Cloud, now I am writing

Trojan Warning when creating Containers…

With the latest update to Windows 11 and defender, my computer is telling me that I have a Trojan Virus every time I create a container. Well, I don’t – it is a false positive and the...()

Meet Cosmo Consult, 1st winner of Directions Community award (category Technology)

Meet , 1st winner of the Directions Community award in the category Technology with the COSMO Azure DevOps & Docker Self-Service.

An update to the ARM templates

It’s been a while since I last blogged about the ARM templates. Mostly because they just live a life of their own and just works. An average of 20 times a day, some partner somewhere in the wor...()

Extending the same object twice in one Extension

I’ll be honest. I was a bit disapointed after I had published my previous blog. Not about the content but about the number of people commenting and replying on twitter. I talked to a few people in person and they said that it was a bit complex and maybe not everyone completely got what the […]

PreProcessorSymbols & Per Tenant Extension Best Practices

Let’s continue where we left off last week when I shared with you two blog posts about my opinion regarding best practices for Per Tenant Extensions. I used you as a guineapig for the project I am currently working on a PrintVis to get some early feedback from the community before I pitched my ideas […]