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Business Central Send Email with Multi Attachments

Business Central Send Email with Multi Attachments The purpose of this APP is to be able to send an email with a series of attachments; in this case the email is sent to the user (to himself) so that it can then be changed in the email client before sending. In practice, both the Master ...

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Deploying from DevOps the right way: enabling External Deployment in OnPrem Business Central environments

It seems that lately, I’m only able to blog about something when I have a tool to share.. . That needs to change .. :-/. But not today. Today, I’m going to share yet another tool that we at the ALOps-team have been working on to serve many of our customers. And we decided to …


GESTIONE ESTEROMETRO STANDARD IN BUSINESS CENTRAL ITA Guida all’ utilizzo dell’esterometro standard in Business Central ITA, passo dopo passo, documento girato tempo fa anche a Microsoft Italia, dato che ho fatto da beta tester.   1 SETUP E CONFIGURAZIONE Per utilizzare l’Esterometro standard è necessario attivare i seguenti setup: Attivare “IMPORTO REPORT TRANSAZIONI IVA” aprendo ...

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A new Business Central General Manager

Hi,yesterday there was the virtual event of Business Central (based on the current BC 2020 Wave1 version). During the event (in Keynote) the new general manager of Business Central Cloud was announced (who will take the place of Marko Perisic who has left Microsoft since 2018).“Mike Morton“, who is an American (a veteran from Microsoft ...

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Are you ready to move forward “WITH”-out AL?

Sometimes I just have to write my frustration away in order to clear my head. Don’t expect technical tips and tricks in this post, but maybe some inspiration. Today I was absolutely flabbergasted. Both on Twitter and on LinkedIn (I am a social media junky) there were actually threads about Microsoft removing the WITH statement […]

Setting up Azure SQL Analytics (Preview) – Dynamics NAV

Telemetry is everything, you cannot have enough data when users start asking you why the system is behaving differently than yesterday or performance is changing over time. This is where Azure SQL stands out from On Premises. You can get so much more data and in an easy way to analyse. However, you need to […]


BUSINESS CENTRAL CONTROL ADD-INS Control add-in A “control add-in” is a custom control for displaying and modifying data within an iframe or a page. For example, a control add-in can display the content of a webpage, visualize data as a chart or on a map, or host a custom web application. Control add-in can respond ...

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Quick Tip: How do I use Table Information in Power BI?

Recently Microsoft added the Table Information page to Business Central. See here . And underlying are these objects: Table Information (8700, List) Table Information (2000000028) So I was thinking, hey let’s use this in Power BI. Then my...

Azure Application Insights 101

In my series around Application Insights for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / NAV this is probably the most booring one. However it is quite important. In order to teach you folks about KQL and the Application Insights API etc. Step 1 – Create Application Insights In your Azure Tenant search for Application Insights and select […]

Getting not-out-of-the-box information with the out-of-the-box web client

A few days ago, I saw this tweet: And that reminded me about a question I had a few weeks ago from my consultants on how to get more object-formation from the Web Client.  More in detail: in Belgium, we have 2 languages for a tiny country (NLB, FRB) that differ from the language used …