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Security Filters in Business Central

Security Filters in Business Central Business Central Security’s security system allows you to control the objects that a user can access within each database or environment. For each user, you can specify whether you want to allow reading, editing or inserting data in the selected database objects. You can specify which records are stored in ...

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New Upcoming Conference: DynamicsCon

I just wanted to raise some attention to a new Conference in town: DynamicsCon. Quite interesting, because it’s perfectly aligned with the current world situation regarding COVID-19 issues: it’s a virtual event .. and it’s free! I’m not saying I prefer virtual events. I don’t. But given the circumstances, I guess it makes sense – …

Why DevOps for Business Central is the responsibility of Microsoft, not the customer!

I’ll start with saying that I’m not writing this blog to pick a fight or another online debate. I’m tired of getting the feeling that I’m talking into a brick wall not being heard and understood. I stopped reading most of the blogs and newsletters from MVP’s and from I find them desturbingly sales […]

OData Web Services – About Using Filter Expressions

OData Web Services – About Using Filter Expressions I want to report some information on the use and properties of OData with Business Central, very useful and I would say indispensable if we use the Business Central Cloud environment. The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a web protocol that is designed for querying tabular data ...

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Business Central Certifications WIP

Business Central Certifications WIP Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultants are responsible for implementing core application setup processes for small and medium businesses. Note: This certification will be available in October 2020 Beta Exam Exam MB-800: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant (beta) Exam will available in October 2020 Certification path TWO WAYS ...

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Converting Enum values in AL

During my AL training classes, a frequently asked question is how to convert enum values to and from integer or text. So I thought it would be a good idea to share with you what possibilities you have. First of ...

Prism for AL Preview

You might know that I have been (and still am) a fan of . But now that we moved into the AL world this is becoming obsolete as it only handles C/AL code. Christin Clausen and his stati-cal team have been working hard on the AL version of the tool. Last week they released a preview version of to the community and they asked me to review it. Unfortunately I did not find enough time yet to that, but had a quick look and thought it very promising. And as such worthwhile to bring it to the attention of the community, so that others might also review it and give the stati-cal team as much as possible feedback on what they did so far.

Note that it's a preview that's not yet covering everything as the Known preview limitationslist also let us know. Be invited to review it and make it as worthwhile as Statical Prism.

Installing a DevOps Agent (with Docker) with the most chance of success

You might have read my previous blog on DevOps build agents. Since then, I’ve been quite busy with DevOps – and especially with ALOps. And I had to conclude that one big bottleneck keeps being the same: a decent (stable) installation of a DevOps Build server that supports Docker with the images from Microsoft. Or …

Business Central Workflows with Power Automate integration

Business Central Workflows with Power Automate integration Workflows in Business Central can be managed in two ways: Native mode Via Power Automate In both modes it is possible to create them, edit them, manage them completely; new features have been added to Power Automate to manage the Business Processes, so I find it very useful ...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365: 2020 release wave 2 plan

That’s right. It’s time again for the next round of features that Microsoft is planning for the next major release. It’s weird this time, lacking most info from conferences .. the kind of “silent” release of Wave 1 .. it’s almost like flying blind. Although, there is a crapload of information online. And of course, …