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Fun with Interfaces: Patterns

Today I had my fifth live stream. The topic was interfaces, and this time I took a different angle at it: patterns. When I polled about live stream topics you’d like to hear about, most…

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What’s new in Business Central API v2.0

With the release of Business Central 2020 wave 2, a new version of the standard API set has been released. This new version got its own documentation here: But while looking into it I was missing an overview of ...


BUSINESS CENTRAL CLOUD – HOW-TO UPDATE INSTALLED APPS App updates on AppSource are automatically updated in two ways: • Automatically by Microsoft with each monthly platform update • From the partner or customer (anticipating the automatic monthly update) by going to the Admin Center (specific Apps section) and in case of availability of an update ...

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Moving the generic images!

A few years ago, when we started out shipping containers for NAV, we didn’t know that the name NAV was going away and Business Central would emerge. In the Docker world, this becomes clear in...()

Run your own AppSource Validation

Quite honestly, I’m fully into the process of getting our apps (about 30 of them) to AppSource. We chose to have OnPrem implementations first, basically to get the experience, and also because it just still sells better in Belgium (immediate market ;-)). Anyway .. Recently, there was a call with Microsoft with the topic “what …

Run-AlValidation and Run-AlCops

On December 1st, I co-hosted a webinar about how people can make sure that their app passes AppSource Validation. Until now, I have always been preaching that people should run CI/CD and include AppSourceCop...()