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18 hours of no containerhelper…

Friday morning around 6am. I had just kicked off a few validation builds when they started failing. Failing builds can happen and typically there is a valid reason for this, but in this case – ALL builds...()

Upgrade to Business Central V17 (part 1) – The Workflow

Recently, we have been going through upgrading our 65 apps to the newest release (v17). You might wonder: upgrade? Wasn’t this supposed to be seemless? Well, let me explain what we did, how we handle stuff internally – and then maybe it does make sense to you why we take the steps we took for …

Errata and Updates to my book and GitHub project

As more people are starting to get into test automation, my book is being used more and more. And as time is moving on it gets outdated more and more, unfortunately. Because of this I have asked my publisher almost a year ago to update the content to be fully in sync with the current state of the product. To no avail (so far).

As part of an internal project at one of the Dutch Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC partners I will be training their developers on this topic and for that have provided them my book. Today one of their eager developers, reading the book upfront and working on the exercises, pointed out to me an anomaly in the code on . This made me realize that it makes sense to share all relevant known errata and needed updates with you on my blog. In the book and on GitHub. Surely the one that developer shared with me is worthwhile to share with all of you. And if I find time the coming weeks I will share more. Shouldn't be too difficult (for many of them) as I already composed a list that used in trying to convince the publisher to go for an update.

Keep an eye on this post, if you want to be updated as I will be updating this topic the coming time.


Chapter 3 - Standard Tests (page 42 in e-book)

In C/SIDE times all tests objects were delivered in two main .fob files, test codeunits and test libraries. No, in AL times these are provided in a vast collection of .app files.



Until BC15 test dependencies were addressed by the Test keyword:


As off BC15 test dependencies should be explicitly referenced in the dependencies collection in the app.json as in this .

See GitHub issue .


  • If you have any question and errata/updates to report feel free to do so below
  • Please also note down if you think the book should be updated (this might help to convince the publisher)

Business Central – BCContainer Wizard Steps

Good morning,today we present this short video related to the BCContainer Wizard, a useful tool (powershell based) to use for those who want to start with BC on Docker. This Wizard produces a script (which obviously can also be written by hand …) with the necessary commands to create the docker; the system reads Artifacts, ...

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Business Central: the “VAT Group” Concepts

Business Central: the “VAT Group” Concepts What is Group VAT Management? VAT groups are formed of individual companies, ideally to lift the VAT burden within the group. From the perspective of VAT reporting, authorities treat a VAT group as one company, which means one VAT Return submission from the group with “aggregated data for the ...

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Business Central Execute Queries from Pages

Business Central Execute Queries from Pages With the QueryCategory property we can execute a query object from a page (also available in Smartlists) by defining a query in AL; it is possible to declare with a comma separated list where the object can be used, in practice it is added to the list of objects ...

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Multitenant sandbox containers changes behavior…

With the change to BcContainerHelper, sandbox containers became multitenant by default. This means that you have to remember the ?tenant=default in the WebClient and the “tenant” : “default” in launch...()

Troubleshooting Business Central on Docker

This blog post is not really a troubleshooting guide (although there is a small TSG at the end). It is more like a brain dump of what I have seen over time and how I would approach a trouble shooting...()

BcContainerHelper configuration

The one thing most people have complained about in NavContainerHelper is that you cannot decide where it places it’s temporary files. With the shift to artifacts that got even worse because also artifacts...()

Tip: Text constants in AL

Long time no see, but that’s how it gets every now and then, I guess… Anyway, I am still alive, still kicking, just don’t get to blog as much as I’d hope for, it’s work,…

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