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Too many requests reached

What is the maximum number of API requests Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can handle within a one minute? Ran into this question a couple of months ago, specifically soon after the April release...()

PowerShell: Run Script Error: Exception setting "CursorPosition"

Last week I was working on a PS script to upload files to an FTP and this script supposes to runs through a windows service. I t runs perfectly well when it runs manually with the PowerShell ISE. However...()

Poisson d'Avril - The Sequel, part #9

Sitting in the train up North on my biweekly trip to my main employer I came across Tobi's early tweet:

A big joy that this great technical mind and very nice fellow human, will be MVP for another year. He's worth so much of it, like various other MVPs. And ah, yes, July 1, which since two year now has become the regular renewal date of the MVP Award. No longer April 1 as it used to be for a quarter of the MVP's, and me belonging to the same batch. Automatically the question came to mind whether I also would be again part of this more than interesting group of people. No direct message from MS so far, but the MVP site clearly congratulates me with my MVP Award. Yesssss. For the 9th time.

I always wonder if my community work of the past year is worth another reward. As there are no strict rules to what you should have done. No dashboard displaying gauges that indicate my level or progress during the year. In the end it's a couple of persons at MS that, based on your achievements, pass the judgement. Apparently for the 9th time they have found my activities worth an award. Thanx for that. It's still a joy to be part of this.

Congrats to all my peers that have been "renewed".

And regarding the title of this post: "Poisson d'Avril - The Sequel, part #9". Just like it and it relates to the previous posts on the same subject.