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Business Central and Shopify Connector

Today I want to talk to you about the integration of Business Central with Shopify, I tested the tool and


As mentioned in , the Invoke-ScriptInBcContainer has undergone some serious changes in BcContainerHelper 3.0.9, which just shipped. This blog post will describe some details about ho...()

Major improvement when invoking scripts in Containers…

I recently learned that some partners have had had issues when running build pipelines on Azure DevOps with multiple DevOps agents on the same host using Containers with process isolation. 1-2 years ...()

Secrets in AL-Go for GitHub

This blog post will not reveal any secrets in AL-Go for GitHub:-) Instead, it will explain ways for you to store secrets, which are used for AL-Go for GitHub. In almost every DevOps setup, you wil...()

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central “Offering Apps”

Don’t worry – you didn’t miss any information regarding Microsoft coming out with a new type of apps 🤪. This is merely a post where I’ll explain a solution that I had to go through, and some thoughts that might be interesting for you as well ;-). Previous post, I explained about a “booboo” that …


Lately we have been seeing an increasing number of people having difficulties creating Docker containers on multiple host OS’. Since Thursday, I have been diving into error reports on GitHub, l...()

AL Object ID Ninja logical ranges overview

Long time no see, eh? 😳 I won’t offer no excuses, but I have been plenty busy with things that you’ll benefit in some way or another, far more than you’d benefit from me writing here. So, let’s jump straight into it. First things first. I just can’t express my gratitude to all of you […]

Deployment strategies and AL-Go for GitHub

When you are done developing your app, it needs to be deployed to your customers if it is a PTE or to AppSource if it is an AppSource app. Currently we don’t have any automated way of publis...()

How Do I: Fix Error: Report x does not have a layout of type None.

In Business Central as from version 20 , which is 2022 Wave 1 , when you develop a report without a layout and try to run it, like this one: the following error appears: Sometimes the error is different: Report x does not have a layout of type...

Branching strategies for your AL-Go for GitHub repo

If you teach yourself to follow a fairly simple set of rules, you will see that the health of your project will increase dramatically, and you will be in a better place with your project development....()