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Structuring your AL-Go for GitHub repositories

When developing apps for Business Central, you very frequently will have more than one app. You might split one customer specific app into multiple smaller apps or you might have a common app, which ...()

Migrating to AL-Go for GitHub

As explained in the first blog post about the next post would be all about how to migrate your repository to AL-Go for GitHub. Whether you have a setup based on the first CI/CD Ha...()

AL-Go for GitHub

It has been a while since my last blog post and the reason behind this is quite simple: I have been busy. Busy creating . is plug-and-play DevOps for Business Cent...()

Create Stunning Power BI Reports Using the Standard BC API’s

Do you want to learn how to create Power BI reports consuming the standard out-of-the-box API’s in Business Central ? Ever wanted to know what you can use the BC API’s for in Power BI without the need for any AL development? Then have a look here...

Business Central from Directions NA, “Pictures are worth a thousand words..”

Although very late, I publish some pictures recovered from social networks and related to Directions NA held last week. The

15 years waldo’s blog

Hi y’all. Get ready for the most useless post you’ll read all day. Not to me, though. I’d like to share a proud moment with you awesome people. Today, I’m blogging for 15 years ! I remember back in the day when I got my MVP Award, I was so proud that I actually wanted …

Used and not used Objects in Business Central license

I publish a simple APP that allows you to see not Used objects compared to those assigned in customer license

Business Central: Performance & Data management tools recap

Performance and data management tools available in Business Central In this post I want to summarize some of the features

How Do I: Publish a Power BI report to another BC tenant?

A question I recently received is: I created a Power BI report with Business Central data from my Business Central tenant and now I want to publish the report to the tenant of the customer, how does that work? Let’s start with an example report. ...

Business Central SaaS Environment Triggers

So – thanks to my colleague Márton Sági (the AL Studio guy ;-)), I came across a quite interesting, but highly under-documented ability today in Business Central. One that makes the below post purely based on assumptions ;-), since it’s undocumented, and resides only in the platform part of Business Central (so there isn’t much …