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Multi Root Workspaces in VSCode for AL Development – Episode 2

Remember my blog post on “Multi-root workspaces in VSCode for AL Development“?  If not – it might be interesting to read first, because this is in fact an “extension” (get it?) on it .. so you might say this blogpost “depends” on that one ;-). I concluded the post with some scripts – and that’s …

Business Central AL Interfaces

Business Central AL Interfaces THE AL “INTERFACE” OBJECT A new object type is available in Business Central 2020 Wave1: “interface” object Since I have never talked about it, I speak of it now, I don’t report particular examples as there are already several published. Below are some links to very well made examples, useful for understanding ...

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Tip #67 | Convert Option field to Enum Field

So much to blog about. Insane. Our world has never changed so fast. Never. Today I was working on our ForNAV AppSource App and I decided to clean up some of the warnings that were introduced with BC16. This was about converting Options to Enums and vice versa. Converting an Enum into an Option is […]

Business Central Performance Tuning Series | Application Insights & More

If you ask a random Microsoft partner about their worries with Business Central there is a fair chance “Performance” is in their top three. It probably depends if this partner has a background with NAV. If this is the case it’s a guarantee it’s in the list. As long as I remember I’ve been doing […]

Business Central, fast debugging with AL Object Designer

Business Central, fast debugging with AL Object Designer Debugging can be done in different ways, I want to report only how to do it with AL Object Designer. This great extension is always evolving, a must for every installation of VS Code and Microsoft AL. With AL Object Designer, it is possible to manage all ...

Deep insert with Business Central API’s

Recently I got a question from a partner: is it possible to insert a sales order and lines all at once with a Business Central API? And the answer to that question is, yes, that is possible. However, little documentation ...

How to use a custom SystemId when inserting a record through a API

Have you tried to insert a record to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central through a Custom API and pass a custom SystemId with the record? Basically what I trying to achieve is when an Account is created...()

Breaking up the Base App | Request new Interfaces

Most of you, if you are a more or less loyal reader of my blog, will remember that last year I blogged about breaking up the base app, how to do that and a call to action for volunteers. After that I blogged a bit about visiting the office in Lyngby and starting a project. […]

Business Central: Camera from Browser and Mobile APP

Business Central: Camera from Browser and Mobile APP With the new release of Business Central it is possible access the camera of a device from the Business Central Web client in the browser and from the Business Central Mobile App. This allows the user to take pictures and handle them directly from the same device, ...

SQL Azure, Dynamics NAV & Data I/O Issues

When I write a blog, and I should write more I know, it’s most of the time to share a tip or to write my opinion on something. This blog is more of a question, or a call to share knowledge of a piece of technology that is not used by many. About 4 months […]