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Business Central – Search in company data (preview)

Interesting functionality (still in preview mode, textual, non-graphic and for now without dependencies between documents), both to be used and

Setting the Sampling Interval for (in-client) performance profiling Business Central

Here’s a small blogpost about an undocumented, but not uninteresting “feature” (at least not in my book ;-)). Performance Profiling You’re probably very much aware of the Performance Profiler in Business Central: an ability to monitor code execution in terms of “durations” and “hit count”, and having a view on how the code/process performed.As a …

Business Central Launch Event, October 10-12, 2022

Welcome to the Business Central Launch EventThe Business Central Launch Event will take place from October 10-12, 2022. During the three

Sending email via SMTP in Business Central (online and on-premise)

It’s not a secret that Microsoft is forcing OAuth authentication for several products, including Exchange Online and Business Central Online. Over the last couple of days, I got multiple requests from partners who are now struggling with configuring SMTP in ...

SQL – Search for special characters

Sometimes it may happen that by importing data from external sources (even with Web Services), some special characters are written

Automatic AppSource Submission of Business Central apps

A request from many partners have been to be able to automatically submit apps to AppSource Validation from their DevOps setup. The Ingestion API for Partner Center supports all offer types in AppSou...()

Dynamics 365 Translation Service Visual Studio Code extension (Public Preview)

Very interesting Microsoft public extension, still in preview mode but already usable (i did some tests); the convenience is that

AL Pragma Explorer – a new AL extension

There is a cool new extension out there for AL developers that you should really check out: AL Pragma Explorer. The extension is almost as amazing as the work behind it, because even though this extension is published under my publisher name, it’s not really just mine. This was a team effort of my group […]

Worflkow in Business Central, in Power Automate and Instant Flows

Hi, a few days ago a demo was made on: Worflkow integrated in Business Central Workfow with Power Automate Some

Business Central 2022 Wave 2 preview is available

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 2 preview (r.21) The preview of Business Central 2022 Wave 2 (release 21)