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Restoring your online Business Central database locally

1½ years ago I wrote a blog post called Mounting a database from my online environment using SQL Server on the host . This blog post explains exactly the same thing, just end 2 end and much easier to...()

Managing secrets in your scripts

Most people have tried it. You are writing a script, which connects to a service using a user name and a password or you are using a Shared Access Service token to access insider builds from Microsoft...()

Test Automation: It’s Not A Buzz Word, But A Grand Helping Hand

I reckon that any of us using a computer has the experience that the applications you’re using do not always act the way you expect it to do. This might be a matter of ignorance, i.e. simply not knowing how it works, but it also could be that they are not behaving as intended. The latter is what we call a bug. In the words of :

A bug is an error, flaw or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.

I tend to narrow this down to:

A bug is an untested feature.

This short definition highlights that any kind of bug, be it a real fault, an unexpected result, or whatever, boils down to the fact that this behavior was not revealed by testing. No scenario was thought up to uncover this behavior before the application was released, only to be discovered in daily usage.

Read the full article on where it was originally posted: .

Webinar on 11/3 - Preparing for the future with Business Central

Join our free Directions 4 Partners webinar on Thursday 11. March at 16:00 CET with our MVP Expert panel , and to share their thoughts and guidance on preparing for the future with Business Central.

NavContainerHelper doesn’t work anymore…

With a total of over 300000 downloads, NavContainerHelper is no more. As of this weekend, NavContainerHelper cannot be used to create containers anymore. There has been a lot of blog posts here on my...()

Boost Business Central developers with online learning programs

How do you make sure your #BusinessCentral developers are comfortable and stay on track with their competence development at any time? Ilse Daems , the HR manager at GMI group NV , knows how. Read her story here

Running Business Central in Docker using SQL on the host

This is not my first blog post about how to use SQL Server on the host, but it is definitely the one describing the easiest way to do it. With the latest version of BcContainerHelper you can (with one...()

Business Central oAuth2 Authentication

Business Central oAuth2 Authentication Steps to activate the OAuth2 authentication method, this type of connection can be used to connect to Business Central WebServices-APIs; it will soon be the only method available as access with WebService key is deprecated. The system to access the exposed services uses a token issued by the access procedure (see ...

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“Browse through the Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) Data ModelGreat-looking table relationship diagrams which will help you learn the Dynamics NAV (Navision) Architecture” interesting site related to table relationship diagrams, updated to NAV 2018 and very useful.I want to point it out because it could be useful. NAV2018W1 ex Jobs Filter

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Which API’s are available in my Business Central environment?

Here’s a short post with a small tip about something a lot of you probably already know. How’s that for an intro 🤪. If you remember these posts: Getting not-out-of-the-box information with the out-of-the-box web client Check Customer License in an OnPrem db – from the web client Then you know there’s quite a lot …