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The complexity of complex return types (updated) – Looping a record return type

Update for my previous post: The complexity of complex return types. (I could have just updated the post, but since that wouldn’t trigger the people that already read it, I decided to create a small update just to pin your attention to the following.. After a few comments from Marknitek and Dennis Reineck, I realized …

The complexity of complex return types

Since Business Central 2021 Wave 1 – v18, if you will – we are able to return about ANY type from a procedure. For many languages, that’s the most normal thing, but for Business Central’s AL language, it was not. So, at the time this was announced, many people were ecstatic and talking about it …

Business Central OAuth 2.0 Get Token from AL Codeunit – massive apps update

Business Central OAuth2.0 Authentication – Access granted by Token OAuth2 authentication method, this type of connection can be used to connect to Business Central Admin APIs; the system to access the exposed APIs services uses a token issued by the access procedure, it is possible to use different ways to get the token released. How to retrieve tokens… In recent development courses (about 50 […]

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Service to service authentication in Business Central 18.3 – Usage and license terms

Business Central 18.3 is just around the corner, and it comes with a long-awaited feature: support for OAuth client credentials flow, aka service-to-service authentication. Many API integrations with Business Central SaaS are using the web service access key for basic ...

Business Central Default APIs are not localized – or are they?

Good news. You’re probably all familiar with the great work Microsoft is doing on providing us a huge set of useful out-of-the-box API’s. No? Well, you can find all the information right here: API(V2.0) for Dynamics 365 Business Central – Business Central | Microsoft Docs For Belgium, these have been useless in many situations though. …

MVP 2021-2022, six times in a row!


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Webinar Announcement : Design Considerations for PTE’s

On July 6th this year I will make my first “public” webinar in about a year or two, since I decided to retire the NAV-Skills webinars. You can register for the webinar here. It will be hosted by Luc van Vugt on the Areopa channel. I had to look it up, but it has been […]

Directions EMEA | Milan October 27-29 – registration is open!

Directions EMEA | Milan October 27-29 – registration is open! Reconnect with the Dynamics 365 community at Directions EMEA, October 27-29 in Milan. The Directions committee has opened up for registrations, make sure to explore their site and start your registration: Directions EMEA | Directions 4 Partners In the Directions committees own words: “After 18 months of working from home, […]

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Directions EMEA 2021 open for registration

Super exited to announce that Directions EMEA 2021 is OPEN for registration! We might not be hugging yet, but we sure are looking forward to seeing and reconnecting with you all in Milan from 27 until 29 October, 2021! Virus control and vaccine rollout across Europe is moving fast and we are confident to have another fantastic and safe Directions conference in Milan in October ...

Newsletter Directions 4 Partners: June update

Dear Directions Community Member,  In this June edition of Directions 4 Partners newsletter, we are super exited to see you again at Directions EMEA 2021! And allthough we may not be hugging yet, we are really looking forward to seeing you all in Milan from 27 until 29 October, 2021!    REGISTRATION FOR DIRECTIONS EMEA 2021 IS OPEN Virus control and vaccine rollout across E ...