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Extending the same object twice in one Extension

I’ll be honest. I was a bit disapointed after I had published my previous blog. Not about the content but about the number of people commenting and replying on twitter. I talked to a few people in person and they said that it was a bit complex and maybe not everyone completely got what the […]

PreProcessorSymbols & Per Tenant Extension Best Practices

Let’s continue where we left off last week when I shared with you two blog posts about my opinion regarding best practices for Per Tenant Extensions. I used you as a guineapig for the project I am currently working on a PrintVis to get some early feedback from the community before I pitched my ideas […]

Docker and Business Central

Over the last few months, there has been quite a few blog posts and discussions on social media based on blogs posts from Docker, Microsoft and Mirantis indicating new pricing structure. In this blog...()


DIRECTIONS EMEA 2021, SOME NEWS FROM MILAN For various reasons, this year I am not present at Directions EMEA in

Organizing your “big PTE” in Micro Services

Plans have changed for tonight. Sorry Rene, we’ll try again on thursday. So at home and time to share the next part of the best practices for Per Tenant Extensions. And just in time, because when I shared part I last night there was confusion right away on Twitter. Especially about confusing shipping all your […]

One Per Tenant Extension to ‘Rule Them All’

Never shy away from a catchy title of your blog right? So enough said about why we need Design Patterns AKA Best Practices for Per Tenant Extensions, let’s dive into my suggestions. Rule #1 – As few as possible If you implement Business Central you should have a close fit to your business requirements. The […]

Why best practices for Per Tenant Extensions?

About a month or so ago I did (or try to do) a webinar about best practices for Per Tenant Extensions. I was unhappy about the result but I guess the story should be told and I did promise to get back to you and finish it. Well, I did and I am getting ready […]

See what’s next for Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 release wave 2: Register Now!

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 release wave 2 Launch Event

As I mentioned on October 1st – we have a new release: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 release wave 2 is a fact! Since today, Microsoft released the recorded sessions that goes with this release. Earlier releases, we really got an online event, with Q&A capabilities and all. But since this release, we only …

Making a Business Central upgrade (so much) easier…

Since the beginning of the year I have a new job/project for a partner in Denmark that you may never have heard of. The reason for saying that is because they are (super) vertical and they don’t ever “sell against” other partners. The only competition is outside of the Business Central comminity. What makes that […]