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Using Azure Log Analytics on older Dynamics NAV versions

Sometimes there are topics that I could swear I wrote about and then someone makes you realise this is not the case. This week that happened with my blog about what Page 9599 means when you see it popping up in Azure Telemetry. Some folks on twitter started asking how it was possible that Super

Business Central Page 9599 | What is it?

Time for a quick blog. Last few weeks I’ve been heads down in some performance tuning of Business Central using modern telemetry from KQL. This is much more powerful than the old SQL Profiler since it allows you to see the stack trace in AL where the problems are caused. AppObjectType: Page AppObjectId: 9599 This […]

Business Central Online: “Restart Environment” feature is available

Hi, good news for today! The long-awaited feature has finally been released: the Restart of environments. Great! Restart is available

Business Central Design Patterns & Best Practices

Business Central Design Patterns & Best Practices a New project… and a new site “This site is meant to house

The “ALGuidelines.Dev” initiative – revival of a diamond

The cat is already out of the bag – since a few days, people already discovered it .. but the plan was to “launch” the initiative today .. so .. here we go .. ;-). As you can see on one of my previous posts – I initially was planning to share a bunch of …

Meet abakion, 1st winner of Directions Community award (category commercial)

Meet @Abakion, 1st winner of the Directions Community award in the category Commercial with the video content site

Building a strong, modern community | Tips & Tricks

The world is rapidly changing and with that, the way we interact and consume is also different today than it was yesterday. In the last 10 weeks I had the pleasure of working on an interesting assignment for one of my customers to help them improve the interaction with their partners with a strong focus […]

Tech Academy Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022

Tech Academy Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Alterna sta organizzando una Tech Academy per formare i nuovi Sviluppatori Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central per la

Business Central Online: why should we choose an entirely cloud-based ERP system in 2022? PART I

I had already written an article in 2018 and one in 2019 on Business Central Cloud, now I am writing

Trojan Warning when creating Containers…

With the latest update to Windows 11 and defender, my computer is telling me that I have a Trojan Virus every time I create a container. Well, I don’t – it is a false positive and the...()