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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Virtual Event, June 3rd, 2020

It was quite expected, I guess.  After alle the cancellations of Business Central conferences, like NAVTechDays, Directions, Days of Knowledge, .. , Microsoft announced today that they will host a first “Virtual Conference” called “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Virtual Event” and it will be held on June 3rd, 2020. The content will be 16 …

Countdown to “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Virtual Event”

Join us for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Virtual Event on Wednesday, June 3, 2020. We’re excited to share the latest innovations for Business Central—and can’t wait to see how they’ll help you better engage with customers, continue to move your solutions and customizations online, and solve your everyday business challenges. You’ll hear from Microsoft ...

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Tip #69 | Default Implementation for AL Interfaces

I just love it when I get an error and nothing I search for answers what to do next. Like this one Value ' ' does not implement interface 'ForNAV Layout' and there is no default implentation for the mentioned interface.AL(AL0596) There is no mentioning of default implementations in the Microsoft documentation. And in fact, […]

Tip #68 | Using Read-Scale Out in Business Central to improve Performance

Another quick tip for something I’ve used this week to help out a QBS partner with performance issues on Business Central. Since the last release it’s possible to issue read-only commands on a real-time copy of your Business Central database by using the DataAccessIntent property. This allows API Pages, reports and queries to be executed […]

Introduction | Business Central Performance Tuning – Application Insights

Microsoft wants to make things simple, and for a good reason. If it’s simple then everyone can understand it and the bigger the group of believers the easier it is to generate volume. So when I started to read on Business Central and Application Insigthts the first thing I looked at was a PowerPoint slide […]

Multi Root Workspaces in VSCode for AL Development – Episode 2

Remember my blog post on “Multi-root workspaces in VSCode for AL Development“?  If not – it might be interesting to read first, because this is in fact an “extension” (get it?) on it .. so you might say this blogpost “depends” on that one ;-). I concluded the post with some scripts – and that’s …

Business Central AL Interfaces

Business Central AL Interfaces THE AL “INTERFACE” OBJECT A new object type is available in Business Central 2020 Wave1: “interface” object Since I have never talked about it, I speak of it now, I don’t report particular examples as there are already several published. Below are some links to very well made examples, useful for understanding ...

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Tip #67 | Convert Option field to Enum Field

So much to blog about. Insane. Our world has never changed so fast. Never. Today I was working on our ForNAV AppSource App and I decided to clean up some of the warnings that were introduced with BC16. This was about converting Options to Enums and vice versa. Converting an Enum into an Option is […]

Business Central Performance Tuning Series | Application Insights & More

If you ask a random Microsoft partner about their worries with Business Central there is a fair chance “Performance” is in their top three. It probably depends if this partner has a background with NAV. If this is the case it’s a guarantee it’s in the list. As long as I remember I’ve been doing […]

Business Central, fast debugging with AL Object Designer

Business Central, fast debugging with AL Object Designer Debugging can be done in different ways, I want to report only how to do it with AL Object Designer. This great extension is always evolving, a must for every installation of VS Code and Microsoft AL. With AL Object Designer, it is possible to manage all ...