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Directions4Partners Virtual Conference 2020

Extended @&A on WT004: Partner telemetry clinic with Microsoft

Date: Thursday, November 5, 2020 | From: 13:00:00 to 14:30:00 | Room: BARCELONA

Bring your questions about how to use partner telemetry for Business Central in your organization: how to partition application insights ressources per environment/customer. How to use partner telemetry to get a business advantage. Or maybe just some help to get telemetry up and running (on an environment or for an app). Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan from Microsoft have been the Program Manager defining all scope for partner telemetry in every corner of the product and have also created all sample code on the site He have likely already heard all of the questions that you might have on the matter and is eager to help you get started. Prior to the clinic, please visit the partner telemetry FAQ:


Kennie Pontoppidan

Kennie Pontoppidan

Senior Program Manager - Microsoft

Bio: Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan works as a program manager in Microsoft, where he works with performance tuning, security, stability and resource governance in Dynamics 365 Business Central. He has worked in the dangerous field between developers and dba’s for many years and done his part of mistakes as a developer before that in his 20+ years in the it industry. Kennie has no humor.