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Directions4Partners Virtual Conference 2020

Using the new Business Central artifacts to create a lightning quick compiler Docker image

Date: Thursday, November 5, 2020 | From: 13:00:00 to 13:45:00 | Room: VIENNA

"The introduction of artifacts as an alternative to Docker images allows us to easily be more creative in creating our own Docker images for specialized use cases. In this session you will see how to create a compiler image which get's you very quick feedback whether your code is broken or not
Target Audience: Developers"


Tobias Fenster

Tobias Fenster

CTO - Cosmo Consult

Bio: Tobias Fenster started as a developer in the 1990s. Holding different positions including Head of Technical Consulting and Head of Development before becoming CTO for a Dynamics 365 BC ISV, Tobias is now the CTO for the COSMO CONSULT group. He is a Microsoft Regional Director and holds dual Microsoft MVP awards for Business Applications and Azure. He is blogging on, where he writes about Business Applications, Docker and Windows Containers, but also tooling like Azure DevOps, Visual Studio Code and infrastructure automation. His other focus is Azure, mainly around container environments and SQL.