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Directions4Partners Virtual Conference 2020


Date: Thursday, November 5, 2020 | From: 11:30:00 to 12:15:00 | Room: BERLIN

EazyStock is an app that brings inventory optimisation and purchasing automation to Business Central. Learn about the concept of inventory optimisation and why it is so important for all types of distribution and ecommerce businesses that carry stock. Many companies struggle with time consuming spread sheets and having the right product mix in stock at the right moment. By automatically forecasting demand, classifying stock and dynamically calculating reorder points, optimum quantities and safety stock, businesses can lower inventory costs, whilst always having the right products in stock to meet customer demand.


Agneta Linde Kapoli

Agneta Linde Kapoli

Head of Partner Strategy, EazyStock - EazyStock

Bio: As the Head of Partner Strategy for EazyStock at Syncron, Agneta is passionate about growth and business development with partners. She has a broad background within directs sales, channel management, marketing and strategic business development from Oracle and Syncron. 'The change in the marketplace that we are witnessing with delivering business critical software in the cloud, SaaS business models and automation is fascinating. When a publisher like Microsoft is pushing these concepts in the channel, it will change the way how small and medium sized businesses consume software very rapidly'. Agneta lives with her family in Stockholm, Sweden and is an advanced choir singer in her spare time.

Peter Drakeley

Peter Drakeley

Head of Sales - Syncron

Bio: Peter is the Head of Sales and Customer Success for EazyStock at Syncron. He has had varying roles in his career covering the range of skills required to be a strategic leader in a global software company, including driving new business, transforming the supply chains of blue chip companies, smashing financial growth targets and heading up a global sales and consulting team. Having extensive experience of both the technical and front-line (customer facing) aspects of software adoption and on boarding, Peter is uniquely able to combine a results driven business focus with the technical know-how necessary to innovate and understand the art of the possible! He speaks the language of technology and process driven business and can communicate comfortably with tech and exec alike. Peter lives with his family in Birmingham, UK and loves to discuss Customer Success, Technology, Supply Chain and Rock N’ Roll!