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Directions4Partners Virtual Conference 2020

LiquiCon - Small business liquidity planning

Date: Tuesday, November 3, 2020 | From: 11:30:00 to 12:15:00 | Room: PRAGUE

LiquiCon is a way of planning liquidity for Business Central.All specified data for planning is provided from Business Central in an Excel File. On several Excel Pages income and outcome are displayed. Additional planning values can be added in Excel and afterwards all planning values will be stored in Business Central. Installing of the extension (NAV= Add) is very easy. Just a few parameters have to be set. See in this session how easy is to plan the company liquidity with LiquiCon.


Frank Maier

Frank Maier

CEO - OctoCon

Bio: Frank is Board member of Directions EMEA and Co-Founder and CEO of OctoCon AG (Germany). Franks passion is to manage bigger international projects. Quite often the project team have more than 20 team members from several partners worldwide. Customers like BMW, BASF, Eurowings or Bridgestone installed Frank in their bigger projects as project manager. Frank lives with his family on the countryside in South Germany. In his free time you can find Frank often on the golf course, running or skiing.