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e rely on partners to attend and sponsor our events and community activities. This year, Directions4Partners has   invested a lot of time and money on the organization of the different ‘in real life’ Directions and Days of Knowledge conferences. As you know, all of the above had to be cancelled, because off Corona. At the moment, we are using our reserves and we really need your support. Therefore, we are asking you as a partner to continue to attend, sponsor and support our community, so we can continue to arrange conferences and other activities supporting the community.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at our FAQ-section, for an answer to your questions.
Do you have a question that's not in the list?  Please reach out to the team, via

  • The virtual Directions4Partners 2020 will be open and easy to attend for our entire partner community.
  • As you are used to at Directions conferences, this virtual edition will give in-depth content from excellent speakers, the opportunity to connect and interact with Sponsors, Microsoft and other Partners from anywhere. So do not miss out!
  • It will be a "Second Life" experience, not a series of webinars. So we will have: Interaction, Session rooms, live and recorded sessions, an exhibition area, structured network spaces, Video-calls with sponsors and Chat rooms. Another reason not to miss out!
  • Keynotes will be streamed live every day. Break-out sessions will be pre-recorded, but followed with interactive speaker Q&A. Content has always been an important asset of Directions, that will not change in this virtual edition, we will still have Microsoft, MVPs, ISVs and our other community experts. For sure, a third reason not to miss out.
  • And the sponsors? Well, there will be a virtual expo area with multi-level booths. Participants can invite sponsors to chat or direct video call. Sponsor sessions and movies during the conferences.


You can support the community by transferring your ticket to Directions EMEA 2021 in Milan in October 27-29, 2021 and ensure your ticket at the same price. Or you can request a refund and we will refund you the money.

You can support the community and transfer your ticket to Directions ASIA 2021 in Bangkok in April 15-16, 2021 and ensure your ticket at the same price. Or you can request a refund and we will refund you the money.

No – this will be too much manual work to try and balance the amounts.

These you can transfer to the 2021 events. For more details, please reach out to:

No, we do understand that a virtual conference is not the same as a live experience. Therefore, we have created new sponsor packages with a new pricing. As you can imagine, we need some time to set-up the virtual event, and finish all the sponsor opportunities. The new sponsor brochure will be ready by September 20.     

It might be confusing, what the different options are when you’ve already got tickets, so we’ve made an overview:


I already registered as Attendee for the live-event, what are my options? 

I already registered for a Sponsorship at the live-event, what are my options? 

New registration  

Cancel registration 

Cancel registration 

New registration for Directions4Partners Virtual 2020 

Cancel registration 

Cancel Sponsorship completely 

Buy a new ticket for Directions4Partners Virtual 2020 

Not attending this year 

Not attending this year or next year 

Select a new Sponsorship for Virtual 2020, as extra 

Not Sponsoring at all this year. 

Not Sponsoring at all this year or next year 

Join Directions in 2021, based on your ticket in ASIA or EMEA, at the 2020 price level.   

Join Directions in 2021, based on your ticket in ASIA or EMEA, at the 2020 price level.   

Cancel and ask for a refund, 

Transfer your current Sponsorship package to 2021 at the price of 2020. 

Transfer your current Sponsorship package in 2021 at the price of 2020. 

Cancel and ask for a refund. 

Registrations are open since September 07, via the registration page on our website.

  • Your company, or you on behalf of your company, can purchase a package of tickets.
  • Once the payment has been received, the corresponding number of registration codes will be forwarded to you. Each attendee has to register individually on our website. Registration can be done by clicking on the “register as attendee button on the registration page.  The virtual event will open on November 03 at 08:30 a.m.
  • Easily login to the Virtual Event with the name and e-mail of your registration. Each person attending the conference should get his/her own registration key and register for the conference before the start.
  • Tickets are unique and should only be used by one person.