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Have a look at our FAQ-section, for an answer to your questions. 

What to expect of Directions 2020 virtual?

As you are used to at Directions conferences, this virtual edition will give in-depth content from excellent speakers, the opportunity to connect and interact with Sponsors, Microsoft and other Partners from anywhere.  It will be a "Second Life" experience, not a series of webinars. So, we will have: Interaction, Session rooms, live and recorded sessions, an exhibition area, structured network spaces, …

  • We will deliver up to 160 sessions from experts in many areas.
  • Each session will be around 30 minutes plus 15 minutes live video Q&A afterwards.
  • They are pre-recorded, allowing the presenter to answer live-chat questions during the session.
  • The keynotes will be streamed live in high quality from a studio, as well as town hall sessions,
  • There will be a hall with regional and theme focused Video-conference tables for discussions with a smaller group.
  • A detailed conference schedule will be available on the website and in the virtual conference center.
  • Because of live Q&A after each session, the sessions will be streamed according to the schedule, and most of them will be available some weeks later afterwards.
  • From 9am (European time zone) to 3pm each day will be broadcasted. For Asia it will be an evening event.

MVP's, Microsoft employees and Partners various countries. Around 50 non-Microsoft speakers will present more than 70 sessions. Microsoft will present their product in around 50 sessions. In addition we have more than 20 ISV sessions about their products. 

Many Speakers are well-known by our community members. Some names as an example:

  • Waldo (Eric Wauters) 
  • Tobias Fenster
  • Vjeko Babic
  • Steven Renders
  • AJ (Arend Jan Kaufmann)
  • Ryo (Yoshijima Ryohei)
  • Freddy Kristiansen
  • Tharanga Chandrasekara
  • Jannik Bausager
  • Aleksandar Totovic
  • Sharka Chobot
  • Luc van Vugt
  • Guus Krabbenborg
  • Sergio Baptista

We have 2 main tracks:

1. Developer, consultants and solution architects

    • What's new inside BC?
      • Development
      • Development Tools
      • Functional enhancements
      • ISV-Solutions
      • Tips and Tricks
    • What's new around BC?
      • Power Apps
      • Business Intelligence
      • Azure Management
      • Other tools and API’s
      • Overview of Microsoft Dynamics stack

2. For Business Decision Makers, Executives, Sales and Marketing professionals:

    • BC sales strategies
    • Licensing
    • Cross selling
    • How to create own IP
    • Working with social media
    • Company marketing
    • Strategic company planning
    • New company requirements
    • Company comparison figures

As you are used to at Directions conferences, this virtual edition will give in-depth content from excellent speakers, the opportunity to connect and interact with Sponsors, Microsoft and other Partners from anywhere.  It will be a "Second Life" experience, not a series of webinars. So, we will have: Interaction, Session rooms, live and recorded sessions, an exhibition area, structured network spaces, …

Directions virtual is not a collection of webinars. It is a virtual conference, where you can:

  • Follow the keynotes and the sessions
  • Join ISV sessions
  • Explore the booths in our Exhibition Area
  • Meet other partners
  • Meet with Microsoft executives
  • Join roundtables
  • And many other activities

We do recommend that you plan your conference schedule upfront, the sessions you want to follow and to block some time for networking. This will give you the best experience. 

Be a part of this year's Directions4Partners Virtual 2020

Directions4Partners Virtual 2020 is focusing on bringing state-of-the-art keynotes and sessions about how the SMB market can unlock their full technological potential with ERP, CRM and Cloud solutions in the form of the Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Azure.

Directions4Partners Virtual 2020 Pricing

For Directions4Partners Virtual 2020 you can only buy packages! 

The more tickets, the higher the discount.


Level A Package

 1 - 2 Attendees for 3 day conference

Buy tickets

€ 225

Level B Pacckage

 1 - 5 Attendees for 3 day conference

Buy tickets

€ 495

Level C Package

 1 - 10 Attendees for 3 day conference

Buy tickets

€ 925

Level D Package

 1 - 20 Attendees for 3 day conference

Buy tickets

€ 1750

Level E Package

 1 - 30 Attendees for 3 day conference

Buy tickets

€ 2500

Support this great event and become a sponsor!

Our sponsorship brochure for DIRECTIONS4PARTNERS VIRTUAL 2020 is being constructed! 

You can have a look at the different packages and find out how your organisation can benefit from the presence of so many partners.


Drive innovation and success with Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Directions conference is where the Partner Community will connect with Microsoft to continue effective collaboration and growth with Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

This year the focus will be on the new release of Business Central, efficient use of the new development environment, the cloud infrastructure and the Power Platform. Plus Microsoft initiatives to support partners and future road-maps.

Join the conference to:

  • Gain first-hand knowledge about Dynamics 365 Business Central and The Power Platform.
  • Innovate your business to successfully deal with technological requirements, and new pricing and sales policies
  • Offer customers outstanding extensions, innovative solutions and apps in AppSource using Business Central, Azure Services, Microsoft Power Platform, AI and Machine Learning
  • Collaborate with Microsoft and other Dynamics partners worldwide to enhance your offerings and SMB market presence

Join Directions4Partners Virtual 2020 on November 3-5, 2020

Directions4Partners Virtual 2020 will cover all the aspects of your Dynamics business, providing you with comprehensive knowledge and networking opportunities at all levels, including Executive, Technical, Development, Marketing, Sales and Operations. 

It is a must-attend event for:                                       

  • Dynamics partners (including all Dynamics 365, former Dynamics NAV, CRM, Office 365, Windows Azure partners) focused on winning opportunities by speeding up the transition to the cloud model 
  • All Microsoft partners focused on including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in their offerings
  • All Microsoft partners  focused on new customer engagement apps: Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing
  • Partners enrolled in the CSP program
  • ISVs interested in learning about new development tools and how to create apps and extensions for AppSource
  • ISVs and Service providers that offer their solutions to Dynamics partners and wish to build or expand their network
  • All partner companies oriented to nourishing new opportunities by means of collaboration, building knowledge and a common business vision.

Attending Directions4Partners Virtual 2020 ensures a competitive advantage in the SMB market. It helps partners reinvent their business model to quickly respond to digital transformation and customers’ expectations with the most innovative and efficient solutions.

Sessions at Directions EMEA will provide unique access to the latest knowledge that updates, including:

  • The update on the Roadmap for Dynamics 365 Business Central,
  • The Modern Client and best practices for developers incl. Visual Studio Code and AL 
  • The upgrade of existing NAV customers to Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Customer engagement apps: Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing
  • Technical and implementation issues of Microsoft Dynamics 365  Business Central, and former NAV versions
  • ISV solutions and offerings, technical and marketing validation on AppSource
  • Strategies for successful marketing & sales of Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Business models for Dynamics 365 Partners, including Cloud Solution Provider and ISV Embed (Cloud) programs


Increased focus on the Power Platform and AI

  • The Power Platform offers new opportunities for Partners to help customers with their digital transformation. Expect an increased focus on the Power Platform including Power Apps, Power Automate (Flow) and Power BI, with many in-dept sessions and workshops. 
  • Integrating Business Central data and data collected outside Business Central with AI help customers get a intelligent future views of their business and again a great Partner opportunity to engage in and stay valuable.

Find out more about Directions 2020 Virtual

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Practical information

To get most out of this virtual event, make sure to block the days; November 3-5, 2020.