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Directions EMEA 2022

The sales paradox of selling subscriptions

Date: 09-11-2022 | From: 14:00 to 14:45 | Room: Hall D

Years ago, as one of the first ISVs, Sana Commerce made the shift from perpetual to subscription licenses. This completely shifted the way sales is done. Instead of aiming for a one-time deal, customers are now to be approached in a value driven mode. Based on Winning By Design, Sana has developed it’s own sales process, including our very own Value Realization Framework.

Join this session to hear about the learnings that we’ve had in the past years and some great examples that you can adopt as well in selling subscriptions to your customers.


Armand van den Bos

Armand van den Bos


Bio: 10 years of sales experience at Sana Commerce As experienced B2B e-commerce Sales Manager, Armand has worked with both small and large makers and traders in many different countries to unlock their full potential via digital transformation. With storytelling as his core skill, he can explain like no other how e-commerce can enable companies to work more efficiently, generate more turnover and offer a better customer service. Armand has been with Sana Commerce more than a decade and has many practical examples of Sana customers use e-commerce to reach their full potential.