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Directions EMEA 2022

There can only be one!

Date: 09-11-2022 | From: 17:15 to 18:00 | Room: Hall Y5

Two project managers – one from the partner, one from the customer? Never! There can only be one! And the partner can’t do that task.
It’s common sense: A good project manager leads to a good and successful project.
But here begins the discussion: The project manager should provided by the partner or the customer? Or do we need two project managers? The answer is easy: The customer has to manage a project, e.g. the implementation of a new ERP. But this project includes much more than the partner’s project. The customer’s project includes process- and organizational changes, people management of not available resources, organization of training, stakeholder management and a lot more.
The partner’s project is simple: The partner has to deliver an application and must do some consulting. Why and how should a partner provide a project manager and delude the customer that he is part of project steering and success?
Let’s have a look into the obvious and unseen project organization. And how a good project organization in conjunction between customer and partner is the necessary fundament for a successful project.


Stefan G. Gfrörer

Stefan G. Gfrörer


Bio: After a career in IT- and project management Stefan is now an independent interim manager helping customers to bridge the lack of internal management capacity; either as a program and project manager or as part of the internal management organization, e.g. as head of IT or similiar. Stefan knows the classical project management methods like PMbook as well as he is a big friend and early adopter of agile. But he knows that the most important success factor of a project is the human being working together to solve a mutual problem.