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Directions EMEA 2022

Telling a story as the driver for your product success.

Date: 11-11-2022 | From: 09:00 to 09:45 | Room: Hall D

When creating software, we think it's important to compare the process to creating a fashion collection. A fashion designer wants to see customers walking around while wearing their creations. We believe this is how software should be made – and particularly so when creating it for the fashion and apparel industries.
In the session, the following topics and questions will be explored:
- How to tell a story in software
- How to build a vertical solution in a smart way
- Why you shouldn’t use ‘cloud’ and ‘on-premises’ in your product name
- How to get customer feedback into your product and why is this important
- What are the benefits of a vertical solution for partners and customers
- What is the definition of ‘done’ for a cloud solution

The product team took the introduction of Business Central in April 2018 as the opportunity to reinvent and rebuild K3 Pebblestone, a vertical fashion wholesale solution, which was built over the previous 25 years. There were many important lessons learned while rebuilding K3 Pebblestone from a one code base, on-premises solution into a full extension, cloud offering. We had to explore how this changed the way the product was created and subsequently brought to market. We also had to learn more about the benefits of working with cloud-based solutions for both partners and customers. Finally, and perhaps more importantly, we learnt about the importance of feedback from partners and customers – especially when you want to tell their story.


Aly Breeman

Aly Breeman


Bio: As the product manager for K3 Pebblestone, Aly was instrumental in transitioning the fashion wholesale solution from a traditional, one code base, on-premise platform into an extension, code base cloud solution. She was responsible for shifting K3 Pebblestone from a NAV-based vertical solution, which had existed in the market for more than 25 years, into the new Business Central era. K3 took this opportunity to completely reinvent and rebuild K3 Pebblestone into a solution that is ready for the next 25 years. Aly first decided she wanted to sign up as a speaker at Directions following the Women’s Lunch in Milan last year. She said: 'After hearing all the lovely ladies tell their very personal stories at the lunch, I realised that sometimes women need to be a little braver, step up, and tell their story. This is when I realised that I should do exactly that. And here we are, I’m ready to share my story.'