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Directions EMEA 2022

10 Digits you’ve never heard before to boost B2B e-commerce

Date: 11-11-2022 | From: 11:15 to 12:00 | Room: Hall D

Yes, people like to buy from people. But: 75% of all products are now bought online.
Yes, a simple and convenient buying experience is crucial. But: 94% of B2B buyers suffer customer experience challenges online.
Do you want to know more about taking your offline relationships online without jeopardizing it? Tune in for more unique stats and useful best practices to boost B2B businesses with e-commerce!


Luisa  Groger

Luisa Groger


Bio: Having a background of working in luxury hotels all over the planet, Luisa looks at the world of e-commerce with a fresh pair of eyes, always keeping her main goal in mind: Customer Convenience and Centricity. Almost doubling the conversion rate of partner deals in her region, the numbers proof her point: sales is only the outcome of the most important goal – building a trusting relationship with our partners.