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Directions EMEA 2022

Real Life BC Integration - Making Directions App

Date: 09-11-2022 | From: 14:00 to 14:45 | Room: Hall X1

Directions 4 Partners is not just a prime event about Business Central. Directions actually walks the talk, and their entire back end runs on Business Central. This also means that the Directions 4 Partners app that you are using to manage your Directions schedule and keep in touch with your peers integrates with Business Central.

Consider it for a second. More than a thousand users are using the app, probably right now, and none of them experiences any lags or delays. Sign in process is fast, access to data smooth. Making all of this possible with a single Business Central instance in the back is a massive architectural challenge.

"Scary fast" is how some have described the app that allows thousands of people to concurrently manage their Directions experience on their phones.

If you want to learn how to integrate with Business Central in a way that allows hundreds, or even thousands of concurrent users to have a snappy, smooth experience, never experiencing delays, join this session.


Vjekoslav Babic

Vjekoslav Babic


Bio: Vjekoslav Babić, or just Vjeko as he prefers to go by in the community in an attempt to simplify his absurd Slavic name, is a Business Central architect, developer, trainer, author and blogger. With more than two decades of experience in the IT, he worked with vast range of technologies, but his passion has always been anything that had to do with the web and mobile worlds. Vjeko is an incurable hacker who took quite a long time to realize that the one thing he really loves is writing code, plain and simple. As a frequent speaker at conferences, in his demos, and on his blog, he always pushes the boundaries of what's possible, connecting the world of Business Central with just about anything that can be plugged into it. Since spring 2010, Vjeko has been awarded the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can meet him at his blog " - ideas in the cloud".