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Directions EMEA 2022

Proven Practices for Utilizing the Whole of Power Platform

Date: 10-11-2022 | From: 11:15 to 12:00 | Room: Hall Y3

One key element in Power Platform’s success is its ability to utilize multiple different technologies to solve a great variety of problems. Despite this versatility, developers often stick to using only the technologies with which they are most comfortable working with while ignoring the rest. Power Platform is a rapidly growing toolset, and one may be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed while trying to master it all.

In this session, you will be given the right direction on how to use Power Platform’s full potential for solution development. Our company, Forward Forever, is a pioneer in Power Platform -based services. Based on our hundreds of customer cases, we have identified patterns and best practices, all of which we are eager to share with you. The session is practical, and it aims to give you a tangible head start on how to plan and create well-rounded Power Platform solutions, while at the same time highlighting the most common pitfalls. The most common use cases for Power Platform are covered, and on top of that, we will take a comprehensive outlook on the Power Platform market, how it stands right now, and how we see it shaping in the future.

Forward Forever is a leading expert on Power Platform technologies. This session is for everyone who wants a share in that expertise, to understand and use the entirety of Power Platform technologies.


Lasse Teeriaho

Lasse Teeriaho


Bio: Lasse is a Power Platform Advisor and co-founder of Forward Forever. He is an expert on Power Platform technologies but also likes to work with Teams and experiment with new technologies. An entrepreneur at heart, Lasse has spent a fair amount of time working with Dynamics 365, machine learning, and data both on the customer and partner side of the business. Delivering simple solutions to complex problems has always been at the core of his philosophy.