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Directions EMEA 2022

Test automation starts in the requirements

Date: 09-11-2022 | From: 14:00 to 14:45 | Room: Hall E

My experience is that test automation is often seen as an exercise only developers are working on. A big misconception in my opinion and a potential threat to not getting test automation (TA) to become a success. TA starts in the requirements!. With TA – read: testing in general - we verify the behavior of what we have implemented, and this behavior is what our requirements (should) define. Thus TA is a team effort, with functional and technical parts inextricably linked. In my session I want to highlight this and exchange ideas with the participants about the consequences.


Luc van Vugt

Luc van Vugt, MS MVP

Bio: In 1999, Luc van Vugt stepped into the #msdyn365bc world, training hundreds of developers. After Microsoft acquired Navision, he joined Microsoft’s Dynamics localization team GDL as tester, UA specialist, and project lead. For 6 years, he was closely involved with all successive releases. Since he left Microsoft, he became an active community member by means of his blog. He is co-founder of Dutch Dynamics Community and a speaker at conferences. For all his community work, Luc has been awarded MS MVP since 2011. In 2014, he co-founded NAV Skills, supporting #msdyn365bc pros around the globe with, among other things, webinars until 2019. He continued ever since to organize webinars under the flag of Areopa webinars. In 2012, Luc started, doing miscellaneous projects, including #msdyn365bc development courses and workshops on design patterns, and automated testing. Luc is one of the main driving forces on test automation in the #msdyn365bc community.