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Directions ASIA 2023


Date: 27-04-2023 | From: 14:15 to 15:00 | Room: Sky

Cloud Apps from Boyum IT is a collection of different apps that serve the needs of the supply chain and optimize business operations through automated AI document processing to quality control, shop floor management and product design, fully integrated to Dynamics Business Central. Role based design to allow the business to decide where the apps are most needed.

Inspect for Business Central, a quality control App that extends core functionality within the ERP to enable the user to build quality testing plans to measure the success of the production process, the reliability of suppliers and provide insight into ways to improve.

Produce for Business Central is Shop Floor management simplified for the execution of production orders by providing real time information to the Shop Floor managers and operators. Intuitive simple user interface providing valuable information on production order stages and enabling the execution of time and materials and reporting on finished goods.

MyPaperflow for Business Central is an Intelligent Document Processing solution that optimizes business operations. With its cutting-edge automation approach for capturing, classifying and processing documents, it is enabled by the Paperflow Engine, a powerful AI model that processes documents without the need to set up templates – Now that’s different!

Join our Solutions Expert Sanjeev Varma as he takes you on a journey to digitally transform the Supply Chain for Business Central with Boyum Cloud Apps.


Sanjeev Varma

Sanjeev Varma

Boyum IT Solutions - APJ Solution Consultant

Bio: Sanjeev Varma is a Business University degree graduate with more than six years of industry experience in the deployment and project management of Supply Chain Management software solutions. He is a Solutions Expert for Boyum IT, a Boyum Certified consultant with a passion for achieving customer success. Sanjeev has worked with Supply Chain organizations around the globe and more recently focused on the Asia Pacific region and as such has developed a wide varied experience that has allowed him to digitally transform businesses, helping them to automate processes and achieve efficiencies in productivity. Sanjeev is laser focused and always strives to achieve beyond his limits, by leveraging cutting-edge technology and a little help from the Boyum suite of Cloud Apps for Dynamics Business Central. Sanjeev's commitment to the end goal has seen him successfully support the partner eco-system in the journey to also deliver partner satisfaction and sustainable growth.