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Directions ASIA 2023


Date: 26-04-2023 | From: 09:00 to 17:00 | Room: Air

When you are familiar with AL code and writing extensions for Business Central, there might be the feeling that there is more to discover. There are features in AL that you may have come across but never used because you don’t exactly know how they work. Or you wonder if you are using the full potential of the AL language.
Then this course is for you!

In one day, we will cover many features that will fill up your AL toolbelt! Just to pick a few: interfaces, partial records, collecting errors, deep dive into events, and much, much more!


Arend-Jan Kauffmann

Arend-Jan Kauffmann

Freelance Technical Consultant & Trainer | MVP

Bio: Arend-Jan Kauffmann is a freelance and independent Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central consultant and trainer. With over 20 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central and 30 years of experience in the IT industry, he has a solid track record in this business. With a strong focus on architecture, design and integration, he worked in different roles and with a broad range of technologies and platforms, including C/SIDE & VS Code development, C/AL and AL, Microsoft .Net, Microsoft Azure and Office 365. He strongly believes that knowledge increases by sharing it, not by saving it. By delivering workshops and being a frequent speaker at conferences, he can put this into practice. Since 2013 Arend-Jan is awarded as Microsoft MVP Business Solutions.