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Directions ASIA 2023

Interfaces on steroids: polymorphic patterns with AL

Date: 28-04-2023 | From: 14:10 to 14:55 | Room: Moon

When you ask Microsoft about interface objects in AL, they'll say that their purpose is to allow binding their implementation to enum objects. That's what they have been designed to support, after all.

However, interfaces can be used to do a lot more than that.

This session will look into interfaces from an architecture perspective, and will show how many nice design patterns such as factory pattern and inversion of control, that were never truly available to C/AL developers of yesterday are natively available to AL developers of today.

Since inversion of control is one of typical testability patterns - those that make writing testable code much easier - this session will shed some light on how to replace some clumsy event-driven approaches to testability with much simpler ones based on interfaces.


Vjekoslav Babic

Vjekoslav Babic

Solutions Architect | MVP

Bio: Vjekoslav Babić, or just Vjeko as he prefers to go by in the community in a vain attempt to simplify his absurd Slavic name, is a Business Central architect, developer, trainer, author and blogger. With more than two decades of experience in the IT, he worked with vast range of technologies, but his passion has always been anything that had to do with the web and mobile worlds. Deep down, Vjeko is an incurable hacker who took quite a long time to realize that the one thing he really loves is writing code, plain and simple. He immensely enjoys breaking things apart to see how they work, not necessarily always putting them back together. As a frequent speaker at conferences, in his demos, and on his blog, he is always pushing the boundaries of what's possible, connecting the world of Business Central with just about anything that can be plugged into it through some obscure loophole or undocumented interface, especially if they are not meant to be used that way. In Vjeko's view, nothing is really meant to be used in any particular way and figuring out how to make things useful beyond their intended purpose is the meaning of life, in a way. Since spring 2010, Vjeko has been awarded the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can meet him at his blog " - ideas in the cloud".