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Directions ASIA 2023

How to Build Successful Products

Date: 27-04-2023 | From: 11:30 to 12:15 | Room: Air

In this session you will learn how to build successful products which your customers would love; which techniques you need to apply, which product management and distribution theories work the best in practice; what teams you need to have in place. You will have a chance to leave this session with a clear action plan for your existing or future product.
This is not a technical session.


Ugne Kontare

Ugne Kontare

Chief Inspiration Officer at SOFT4

Bio: Ugne Kontare is a Chief Business Development Officer, representing one of the most successful cloud-ready companies in Europe, Softera Baltic, Partner of the Year in Lithuania, 2022. Having developed multiple solutions under the SOFT4 brand, several of which has successfully gained the market share and partners' recognition, while several were killed after years of development, Ugne is ready to share the lessons learnt along the way on how to build and manage products that sell. With a background in the SMB sales and leadership, Ugne’s career expands over several industries, most of time dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics. With over 15 years of experience in various roles, such as Marketing, Sales, CEO, Business Development, Ugne shares her knowledge and tips on how to: - Build and manage an effective team; - Market and sell Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC in the cloud; - Develop and implement strategies launching and managing a software product – from analysis to profits.