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Following Supply Chain in Business Central


This 3 day course, is one of two specialization courses that is included in the Dynamics Business Central Talent programme for Consultants. This three-day course will follow the supply chain of business central, starting with purchase, sale, and return of inventory. Then we will move on to more advanced sales and purchase transactions, including prices and discounts, item charges and order promising. Requisition management will be covered, as well as returns management and customer service features.

The intended audience includes anyone wanting to learn the basic features and to develop a working knowledge of the typical day-to-day procedures required to effectively use the supply chain of Business Central. 

At Training Material Completion 
After completing this training, individuals will be able to: 

  • Review the setup of Sales Order Management. This includes customers, shipping options, reservation rules, customer posting groups, and salespeople. 
  • Explain and process sales quotes and blanket sales orders, and review sales order information. 
  • Describe how to reserve items on a sales order. 
  • Explain how to post a sales order shipment. 
  • Describe and show how to combine shipments into one invoice. 
  • Explain and demonstrate the drop shipment process. 
  • Show how to process prepayments on a sales order. 
  • Define sales prices and set up sales prices and customer price groups. 
  • Explain how to maintain sales prices by using the sales price worksheet. 
  • Describe and set up line discounts. 
  • Explain how invoice discounts are used. 
  • Describe how to set up and use item substitutions. 
  • Review the setup and use of item cross references. 
  • Explain how to set up nonstock items and create them manually. 
  • Describe how to sell nonstock items by using special orders. 

Participants must have: 

  • Basic knowledge of the functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Required preparation:
Attending the following Microsoft Learn courses:  

Suggested pre-reading:
Reading one or more of the following books: 

  • Enterprise Resource Planning by Veena Bansal 
  • Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise by Roberto Stefanetti and Alex Chow 
  • The most important things to think about when considering Business Central by Sune Lohse