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This is a complete program for Directions Partners who are looking to grow their business with new people and skills around Dynamics Business Central.

When you´re looking to expand in the Dynamics Business Central area or grow your existing business, you´re going to need new skills and people - and that is exactly what you will get with this highly targeted program.

This is a structured and very cost-efficient way to acquire the skills and people, that you would normally struggle to recruit and educate yourself.

This is your opportunity to acquire fresh talent, upskill your current employees, or to hire in new talent yourself and get them trained into value-adding new resources.

The program is designed with a fundamentals part that is relevant for consultants and developers. Then a specialization as a Business Central Developer, Power Platform Developer, or a Consultant. The Full program runs over several months where the time between the classes is spent trying, gaining experience, and self-study.

The Details

When:  Next online class will start in April with the following scheduled:


  • 12. Apr – 16. Apr, 2021 


  • Business Central Developer - 31. May - 4. June 2021 
  • PowerApp Developer  - 7. Juni - 11. Juni 2021
  • Business Central Consultant  - 24. May - 28. May 2021

Price: The price for the complete program (The Fundamentals and one of the Specializations) is EUR 4.300 excl. VAT.

Where: The first training will be hosted in a virtual classroom, but we do hope to get to enough local participants to be able to run the training locally. We expect between 12 and 20 students per class.

What´s included:

  • All course materials
  • Access to Lab environment
  • All planning, preparations and execution of the program
  • Detailed reporting on project progress and success
  • Attendee access to a Directions4Partners Days Of Knowledge Conference


Need a candidate?

Our Learning Partner - Readynez - offers European wide Candidate Recruitment

Readynez highly skilled recruitment consultants are dedicated to taking the hazzle out of recruitment for you. We specialize in recruitment of fresh talent for the IT industry. It´s what we do and we know what it takes to hire and retain graduates, that will help your business grow.

We will handle the entire recruitment process or you can handle it yourself if you prefer. We´ll take care of everything with our recruiters at Adecco, so you can just enjoy the process and pick the candidate that fits in with your organization and your DNA perfectly.

Price: 4.000 EUR excl. VAT.

What´s included:

- Advertising the job
- Qualifying the candidates
- Presenting candidates to you

How: Contact Heine at at Readynez on tel. +45 40 29 64 55.