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Academy Overview

The Directions4Partners Academy is a new initiative aimed at helping the community get and maintaining the relevant skills and knowledge to continue to be successful. This both for Partner companies and individuals.

Based on a survey at Directions EMEA 2019 in Vienna - the biggest obstacle for success in the future - was resources - meaning there is simply not enough skilled people available.  

Therefore our first initiate in the Academy is a "Talent Program" to help new people become good consultants or developers in our community.

Talent Program

The Talent Program is for new people to efficiently become a talented Developer or Consultant with a Partner in our Community. This being a newly graduated or a person from a different technology.

We have designed the program together with some partners, experts in our community and the Microsoft Learning Partner Readynez. 

The Program is 3 modules of 1 week spread over 3 months - giving the student time work in the Partner company and to gain experience between modules. 

This means we can deliver expert trainings, with Microsoft curriculum included very cost efficient. 

The Training

We offer quality focused training on the topics that are important for SMB focused Dynamics partners and individuals in our Community. 

We work with Community partners and expert trainers to design the programs.

We use the best instructors from our Community (Microsoft Certified Trainers or MVPs) with deep knowledge and hands-on experience to deliver our courses.

We aim to deliver courses based on Microsoft curriculum (MOC) that can be used to Microsoft certifications and in the Microsoft Partner Program.

We aim to minimize cost for getting our Community educated.

Want more programs?

Please tell us more about what other programs/trainings you would like to see in the Academy?