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Vjekoslav Babic - Why is it important to attend Directions events

In this video, Vjekoslav Babic, Microsoft MVP and one of the incredible trainers in our pre-conference trainings, explains why attending Directions 4 Partners events is crucial and what the biggest takeaway is. If you're eager to learn from Vjeko, make sure to get a ticket for one of the upcoming pre-conference trainings 'Writing better code (and better tests) with interfaces' at Days of Knowledge Central or Nordic!

Discover our events

What better way to join the Dynamics 365 partner community than by attending one (or more ;-)) of the Directions events?

Because if you want to connect with other partners, have a front-row seat to learn about the newest releases, share information with other Business Decisions Makers or simply grow together with the Dynamics 365 community, attending Directions is a no brainer.

Click on one of our Directions events below to discover more about that event. 

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Directions ASIA 2023

April 27-28, 2023

Avani Hotel, Bangkok

Directions EMEA 2023

November 1 - 3, 2023

Lyon, France

Days of Knowledge on tour

Click on one of our Days of Knowledge on tour conference to discover more.

Days of Knowledge on Tour


March 23 - 24, 2023

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Days of Knowledge on Tour


May  25 - 26, 2023

Düsseldorf, Germany

Days of Knowledge on Tour


June 1 - 2, 2023

Odense, Denmark

Directions EMEA 2022 - Recap by Eric (waldo) Wauters

 In this video, Eric (waldo) Wauters, MVP and Managing Partner at iFacto Business Solutions NV from Belgium, gives his recap of Directions EMEA 2022. For Waldo it's all about sharing his knowledge with the community, to give something back to the community. So if you're wondering: "Where's waldo?", he's probably somewhere giving one of his trainings or conference sessions. 

Powering UP!

Directions EMEA 2022 - Recap by Elliott Poulter

Hear from Elliott and get his feedback from attending Directions EMEA for the first time.

Elliott Poulter
Head of Global Customer Success
Bam Boom Cloud | Great Britain

Enjoy the Directions EMEA 2022 after movie

Powering UP!

Wow, what a fantastic week is has been! Almost 3000 attendees from 50 countries and 771 organisations.

Thank you for joining us in Hamburg this year!

And thank you to our 80 sponsors for your support.

Enjoy the after movie!


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